Frequently Asked Questions

About the company

When was the company established?
Proliz Software was established in 2005.
Where's the corporate headquarters?
Ankara University Technology Development Zone
What are the main areas of activity?
Developed Automations for universities.
How many different automation?
University Student Information System

Personnel automation

Additional Course Automation

Electronic journal and article automation

Formation student Work automation

Internship Tracking Automation

Student and academician mobile app
How support services are executed
The support portal is conducted via email and telephone.
How do you graduate?
The products are provided indefinitely with all usage rights. Every year there is also no charge for a license fee.

About automation

What is the technical infrastructure of automations?
Automations are developed with .net C# and utilize Oracle database.
are automations compatible with law, regulation and directives?
The automations comply with the applicable laws, regulations and directives, and the changes are adapted within the legal period.
How often are automations updated?
The changing law is updated with new features and adaptations every month, depending on the pace of regulation.
What are the necessary hardware requirements for automations?
It is determined by your current data and usage traffic.
Is it possible to integrate with other automations?
Integration is available with a lot of automation, which is widely used by the institution, and integration is done when needed.
Is Version updates paid?
Version updates are offered completely free of charge as long as the annual maintenance and support services contract continues.
Do you have mobile apps?
There is a mobile application for student and academician at university Student Affairs automation in the AppStore and Playstore markets.
How is product licensing done?
The products are provided indefinitely with all usage rights. Every year there is also no charge for a license fee.
Are we currently using the data in the software to be transferred?
After analyzing and harmonizing your data in real database and Excel format, the transfer is done without error. After transfer, you can continue to use your existing data from where you left off.
How are the trainings given for automations?
Our trainings are given on-site by our expert instructors within the scope of the automation package received.

Proliz Software