Human Resource Management System

Human Resource Management System, which is developed in order to carry out all the processes related to the personal processes of all personnel in the departments of universities, staffed or special status, included in the system, the employee of an officer or special status All processes ranging from retirement to retiring, ensuring accurate and complete execution. All the operations that need to be done with a personnel are allowed to be executed through a single module without the need to enter and exit separate modules.

Staff automation, one of the most important products of the Prolysis series, allows management and operation of all activities carried out by the staff Department of the universities. Fully Web-based, Proliz staff automation ensures that all processes from initial registration to retirement are carried out without error and complete execution.

The automation works fully compatible with the APPEAL and supports offline or on-line connection methods. It allows the automatic transfer of information entered or changed to the APPEAL system simultaneously and allows the information contained in the personnel's APPEAL to be taken into automation. In automation, data entry types are fully compliant with the APPEAL codes and are defined according to the processes in the APPEAL.

The automation of Proliz personnel and personal affairs, which is developed entirely as WEB-based; Many information such as personnel information, staff information, administrative duties and temporary duties, title information and title history, educational information and training history, permission information, registration transaction information, assignment information, promotion information, military information Are kept on the system. On the other side, very detailed information about the staffs are kept, and the staff history of a cadre can be reached when desired.

Flexible reproducible reporting module, the desired reports can be taken in the most accurate, fast and precisely desired way. In addition to all this, the reports that are needed in different buildings and snapshots can be prepared and used very quickly and easily using the Flexible report production tool.

With the detailed and effective LOG mechanism, all users are logged into the registry. These records can be querable and listed by determining various search criteria. LOG records can be grouped by parent process categories and scans are available through these groups.

In the automation system, all the operations that the staff of the apartment chairmanship routinely can be monitored and executed through the system. It includes many modules such as the determination of personnel who have expired administrative and temporary duties, determination of personnel expiring, determination of personnel expiring in temporary staff, determination of collective reminder information, especially for collective promotion operations.

Integration modules, it allows the establishment of a level of communication with the public institutions or institutions affiliated with the universities. They can query related data from these institutions or allow institutions to be sent by compiling data in the formats it wants.

The database has proven itself and uses the best known Oracle database. In automation, the data structure is designed in a flexible structure, keeping the performance and security in the foreground.

The definition and management of automation users can be carried out in a very detailed way through the system. Personnel type, unit and module-based individual categories can be authored and even all information on a module may be authorized separately. In this way, a user who is included in the system is fully authorised to be authorized.