About us

       In 2005, he started his journey to Kusadasi in Ankara and has been developing software for the Proliz software universities, which has been continuing since 2006.
With its extraordinary efficient and reliable solutions, it has managed to be an immersive and leading leader in the industry. He has produced fast and reliable solutions to institutions with the software he has produced so far.
Thanks to its references and accumulated experience, it has always managed to provide appropriate, reliable and fast solutions to its customers.

Our biggest principles are to design new products to better serve our customers, to make our existing products more talented, or to adapt to changing technology.

We are committed to being honest, accurate, open and consistent with our customers and competitors, and we believe and rely on confident steps towards these principles.

  • 2005

    Establishment of Proliz software


    General Commercial Automation
    Kuyum Stores Automation
    Leather Stores Automation
    Market Automation
    Vehicle Accounting Set

    Software processes.

  • 2006

    Moved to Ankara


    We moved to Ankara to produce software for universities

  • 2007

    Student Work Automation

    University Student Information System

    We started to develop the software

  • 2009

    Student Jobs Automation completed

    Student Jobs Automation completed

    Started to be used by 4 universities at the same time

  • 2011

    Personnel automation

    Personnel automation

    We started to develop the software

  • 2012

    Ekders Automation

    Additional Course Automation

    We started to develop

  • 2013

    Additional courses and PBS

    Staff and additional course automation

    Completed by

  • 2018

    82 College of the University

    University Student Information System

    The number of universities that use has reached 82.