Additional Course Information System

Proliz software, which is featured with the university student Works automation software, has been operating in the software sector since 2005. It is a software company that has achieved many successes in both sectoral and general commercial applications. The biggest feature of Proliz software that distinguishes Additional Course Information System from its competitors is the parametric and modular structure that the world's leading database has developed with ORACLE. Thanks to this structure of the system, it has eliminated users ' dependence on the company. Developed as a result of long-lasting studies for university staff and academics, Additional Course Information System allows the entire process to be done in an easy and fast way, ensuring that transactions are executed without error and complete web Based and using an ORACLE database is an additional course and staff overtime automation.

Automation has a completely flexible and parametric structure, allowing you to easily define a few steps when you need a space when you are entering data. Scoring and payroll operations can be done exclusively to all personnel or persons through a single module. All units, a single unit, or a personnel-specific payroll and scoring are calculated without error in one click.  Formal education, II. Education and distance training scores, payroll, Bank payment lists, base lists can be easily managed. Additional Course Information System works with all relevant legislation in accordance with 100% and without error.  In addition, the PROCEDURES AND PRINCIPLES of DISTANCE EDUCATION in HIGHER education INSTITUTIONS and changes made in the 20.02.2014 dated are fully harmonised.

The definitions of the week and time of many units differ. For this situation, the week and time definitions per period and unit can be defined separately.

Formal instruction for each unit on the basis of year or month, II. Different coefficient definitions can be made for teaching and distance education.

For additional overtime fees, administrative staff can access data from a single screen and be calculated in bulk.

Course program controls can be made through a separate module. Course status changes can be made in the form of compensation, permits, reports, etc.

You can prepare any report for your needs in a few seconds using the relevant filters via Proliz Supplemental course automation and convert it to PDF, Excel, Word, Html or XML documents.

For each year and month, the basis of administrative staff and lecturers and special interruptions can be transferred to the system collectively, and these operations can be carried out within the single staff.

Exam fees can be calculated in a single screen by grouping them in batches according to their course codes in a few clicks.

Staff lists set on the basis of the month can be entered separately or collectively by additional overtime, or the staff listings from previous months can also be transferred to the existing moon.

The controls of the syllabus can be simply monitored and edited using a variety of screening criteria on a single screen.

Additional Course Information System is fully integrated with Proliz student work automation. The supplementary course, which is prepared for Additional Course Information System, can be accessed and monitored online through the academics ' Proliz Student Affairs automation for the scoring and payroll information.

The transactions related to the SSK payroll can be easily prepared with a single click.

External tutoring instructors or instructors who teach outside can be easily defined on automation and can be traced smoothly from the relevant screen.

There is an hourly permission entry support for teaching staff.

It is able to automatically track administrative duties and titles on the basis of the system date.

The course schedules can be quickly, smoothly and with a few clicks on weekly and daily with copy and paste support on the home screen and create a course schedule without conflict. The weekly curriculum you have created supports the ability to copy, delete and manage the program in a few easy steps to other weeks.

Past periods/months can be locked in order to ensure data security for additional tuition fees prepared for the past period/month.

Additional overtime entries of administrative personnel can be entered on a monthly basis via a single screen, and scores, payroll, bank lists, bank diskets can be obtained via the same screen.