Announcements and News


MEKSIS Integration completed


Yöksis Prime Integration Module is activated

OSYM Formation

Yöksis Formation Integration completed

Proliz Mobile Application

OBS has taken its place in iOS and mobile app markets for Android

ÖSYM Exam Inquiry

Ösym New Inquiry Services integration was made

Yönetici Statistics

Administrator Statistics module completed

YÖKSIS E-Government registration

Yöksis E-State registration module, successfully completed its mission

YÖKSIS Service V4

Yöksis On-Line information collection Service V4 integration completed

YÖKSIS confiration

Yöksis Mutual Confirmation Service completed

Foreign nationals

On-Line yöksis Foreign student number acquisition service integration completed

Alumni Information Collection

Yöksis Alumni information Gathering service integration completed

Second Active refund

Second active university student return module completed

Student Inquiry

Yöksis Student Inquiry Service integration completed

GREETINGS Integration

HİTAP Integration Completed


New arrangements made in BOLOGNA

Ten percent success

10% of the newly edited achievement calculations are completed

Mortar ruler

Ministry of finance added mortar rulers

Second Active University

Second active university student detection module completed

TSE 13149

TSE 13149 We have received our Service qualification certificate