Information security

To keep information security at the highest level in the field of software services that WE operate as PROLIZ software and are easily reached at the desired time;

A) Privacy: The information is only accessible to authorized persons,
b) Integrity: To be aware of the protection and modification of information from unauthorized changes,
c) Accessibility: The information is available to authorized users as soon as they are needed.

Proliz computer software hardware that acts with the awareness that the information produced in our company should be protected in the highest levels of security understanding
Speed. Tic. Ltd. STI.; The legal legislation of the information in the printed and electronic environment, which constitutes the basis of the concept of knowledge security, adhering to the mission and vision
In light of the principles of "confidentiality, integrity and accessibility" by using risk methods;

. Fulfilling the requirements of information security standards,

. To continuously review and improve the information security management system,

. To increase awareness of information security, to develop technical and behavioural competencies, the main policies are developing.

As a result, the purpose of the information security policy is to protect information assets, ensure the confidentiality of knowledge and data, attempt to disrupt the integrity of unauthorized
To protect the trust and reputation of our company.

We commit.