Success Stories

University of Auckland
Informatics Specialist

We can describe Prolysis as follows; It is a very successful company that spends great time and effort to support, doing well, knowing its business... The fact that the system they write is parametric to many of the property that you do not come to think of, it means the immediate analysis of a situation that changes with regulation... This is the most important thing in a student information system and Proliz has set up this structure very nicely... Congratulations, we wish you continued success. Respectfully and sincerely 🙂Dr. Selma ŞENEL

University of Amasya
Head of the Student Affairs Department

After a wide-ranging research and positive feedback from the stakeholders using the Proliz Student affairs software as Amasya University, the student works written by Proliz are strictly We have decided to use the software. We work in harmony with the Proliz software as a result of the correct decision. The immediate intervention and timely solution focused on our problems with prolysis support also show that they are commendable. In this context, Proliz software has been a leader in our software for university students. I would like to thank Proliz for the support he gave to this day, and to continue his success with his employees.John ANDREWS

Gumushane University
Head of the Student Affairs Department

Universities are live and dynamic institutions in all aspects, they have to stay up to date and follow changing regulations and laws and quickly implement them, as Proliz student work automation fully adapts to this dynamic structure. Easily adapted. Proliz has managed to transfer our thoughts to their systems as they are shaped according to the needs of our university. Thank you for your work in Proliz family.Ravi KARKI

Afyon Kocatepe University
Head of the Student Affairs Department

Proliz Student Works Automation We've been using it for four years. For four years, I've been able to spend time with myself. I've had to deal with the 12 's at night to fix the problems with automation, like many of our friends. After starting to use prolysis, we do not need to examine the changes in the changing laws very thoroughly (known mortar law, horizontal transitions, regional integration, etc.). They follow the law on our behalf, interpret them, produce solutions. It only leaves us to implement the generated solutions. What more do we want? Thanks.John SAM

Artvin Çoruh University
Head of the Student Affairs Department

As Artvin Çoruh University, we decided to use Proliz student work automation after our investigations on student Affairs automations. Since the day we started to use automation, our demands have been met without problems in accordance with our university regulations and user requests. The student affairs automation, which we continue to use without problems, has met and continues to meet our demands on changes in applicable laws and regulations. Prolysis gives the software to this day and thanks for the support it will give, I wish you continued success in your work.Rajesh S

Kutahya Dumlupınar University
Head of the Student Affairs Department

We had very positive, constructive and solution-oriented negotiations within the short term we were together. As a result of mutual sacrifices, a pleasing point has been reached. 2013-2014 in the spring semester course records, the fruits of these sacrifices were taken. But we can't afford a compliment. I thank the manager and all staff of the Proliz software with my belief that we will achieve better and more beautiful results.Michael BANDA

Osmaniye Korkut Ata University
Head of the Student Affairs Department

During my life at the university, I have always worked with the student business software and programmers. I have been working with the Proliz family since 2011. The laws and regulations are harmonious, closely following the legislation, a dynamic structure, and technical support in the sense that we do not have problems with the Proliz family thanks to the continuation of their success.Adedoyin Ademola

Tokat Gaziosmanpasa University
Head of the Student Affairs Department

There are usually two types of such automations. The first is the type that the software encoders as easy as it is, and the other one is intended for the user. Proliz Software's most important feature in my opinion is designed for end user, higher education in recent years due to the rapid changes in the need for continuous and fast updates will be needed. The evaluation of the growth policy by keeping the price performance ratios at optimum level is of great importance for both service and service areas in the future. We are expressing our satisfaction by using Proliz student automation as a sentence at the moment.Aluko KENNEDY

Mardin Artuklu University
Head of the Student Affairs Department

The most outstanding features of the Proliz software are the presence of a contact person at any time of the day and an immediate adaptation to the provisions of the evolving legislation of the day and to announce it to the employees of the university student works.David M.

University of Aksaray
Head of the Student Affairs Department

I can easily specify that the automation program meets the needs of both the administrative and academician and the student departments. I also appreciate the positive attitudes of our programmer friends to suggestions from us. I wish to continue the success of the firm and its employees who have adopted the principle of working on continuous change and innovation.Akinyemi Ajayi

University of Bingol
Head of the Student Affairs Department

The Prolysis automation program is completely flexible web-based, all modules in the system are fully integrated and working with each other, thanks to the flexible structure of the system responds to all our needs. We receive all kinds of support in support. I thank the Proliz family.Martin TAYLOR

University of Siirt
Head of the Student Affairs Department

Our University Student Affairs Department has used our prolysis support software from May 20013 onwards in the period of 2.5 years; Need to be useful in terms of the laws and regulations comply, we are glad to follow the legislation closely, having a dynamic structure and not having problems in the sense of technical support for the Proliz family thanks to the success of the continued I wish..Ahmed IJAZ

Adiyaman University
Head of the Student Affairs Department

When we were experiencing problems with the programs we used before, Proliz came to us. When we were busy during the night or at the weekends, we were able to handle our business during normal working hours, even at our busiest period. PROLIZ is the name of the program, which is always going forward with updates and resolving problems before it occurs. A place where there are hot-blooded staff that we never have trouble with when we need help with anything. If we don't call or get it, they're either out of charge or they're not pulling the phone. Otherwise, he's ready and all the time, our friends. Wishing you all to perform nice work together successfully and efficiently.Alex ALVAREZ

Bitlis Eren University
Head of the Student Affairs Department

-We searched numerous university software in our search for software retrieval and after trying to learn their satisfaction; After many discussions on ADEK, BEK and other commissions, the acquisition of Proliz Software was decided. -After being interviewed by all the universities using the Prolysis software, it was decided. -Our University Student Affairs Department is working with me in a total of 15 people. -We serve a total of 6500 students. -Together with our move to our campus (4 months ago) all faculties, 1 College and 1 VOCATIONAL School, we carry out all the student procedures. -The Prolysis software was transferred before the finals of the year 2013. -We have been using the Prolysis software for 1 year. We're going to do our annual contract these days. Result: -The system sat fully in 1 year. Meanwhile, the users have learned the system. At the moment, we have been able to do this with our 7-8 staff. I believe that 1 year later, even with 4-5 personnel, we can work with our business comfortably. -We were able to complete the tuition accounts after the first records for years but 2-3 months later. So we had to deal with the manual. With the PROLıZ PLASSTEMIA, we traded zero errors in the records of the year 2014. Both the course records and the mortars were successfully concluded. For the first time in years, the system mortar accounts with bank mortar accounts are equal. -The system is very good, the company is much better, -Quality service combined with a quality system is quite important, -It is very enjoyable to work with people with a promise of essence,Ali ALTAF

Agri Ibrahim Chechen University
Student work Staff

Firstly, I thank the support Group of Proliz software company. The student automation we used earlier was inadequate in many of our jobs. After receiving the Prolysis software, many of our jobs became easier. I have no doubt that this software company will accomplish very good in the future. Especially after using this automation, some kind of college officer needs decreased. Because Proliz's support group is taking care of all the work. Thank them.DEEPAK KUMAR

BURSA Technical University
Head of the Student Affairs Department

I think the Proliz software is technically very good, but it is the highlight of the support after the purchase of the service. It allows you to keep track of all the work and processes necessary for Proliz student work in the automation system in the easiest way. At the same time, he advises you on matters involving all student affairs. In the new regulations or directives, or in applications newly brought by YÖK, the Proliz is doing the update in the system on the subject before you reach the official post. Example (YÖKSıS, academic CV, YÖKSıS integration, etc.) after reaching the continuous achievable solution, I would like to specifically mention that it is produced and returned very quickly. I wish to continue the successful work of Prolon after the presentation...John GILBERT

Faruk Saraç Vocational School of Design
Head of the Student Affairs Department

The brain of the "software" university is like the hand-foot for the Student Affairs Unit, which manages its processes according to frequently changing legislation. In this sense, we found that the company that has the most accurate, analyzing and developing needs in the current programs is "Prolysis". For their support and effort, we thank the whole team for making our lives easier.BALAJI Bala

Harran University
Head of the Student Affairs Department

In 2011, after entering our lives with doubts, Proliz has been amazed by the development and renewal of itself with each passing day. It's admirable, in their support. Thanks Proliz software.Rajesh BAJAJ

Mugla Sıtkı Kocman University
Information Processing Staff

First of all, thanks for all the help and support you've made. Newly added modules and constantly updated software is a really great chance for us. For your work and projects, keep your path open already. Thank you to all your employees for your phone, your email support and your patience-good intentions. The software continues to evolve to respond to all needs and even offer more. I wish to work together in the long run. Thanks again to the whole Proliz family.David KNIGHT

Sirnak University
Student work Staff

The automation system created by your company wishes to be beneficial to all users. I sincerely wish you the rest of your accomplishments. Thank you sincerely for those who contacted us and didn't see the background.John ALEX

Adıgüzel Vocational School
Unit Manager

The Proliz automation system is immediately on the system and informs us of updates of innovations in the applications, regulations and directives brought by YÖK. From the automation systems I've used before, the Prolysis support team is very, very good. When you have a request, you can reach them either by phone or from the support Panel, and in a short time or at the same time. Thank you for the effort and support they gave to the entire Proliz team.Chris.

Bandırma Seventeen Eylül University
Student Affairs Branch Manager

We are now running a much faster and smoother operation with Proliz Student Affairs automation, which follows innovations in higher education and continuously renewing itself. Thanks to the flexible and dynamic structure of the program, we can easily identify changes in regulations and directives to the system and implement them without error. It is one of the biggest pros to be available in technical support and provide the right solutions. Thanks to the managers of Proliz software, the software team and the technical Support team, I wish you continued success.Amey Chowdhury